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About Research & Development

The rapidly changing economic, trade and intellectual property scenario, nationally and internationally poses many challenges including the challenge of becoming leaders and competitors globally. This necessitates a shift in the approach of pharmaceutical industry to move away from manufacturing only known drugs through innovative process routes to discovering and commercialising new molecules. The accumulated knowledge of traditional medicinal system and large bio-diversity of our country offer a great advantage to drug industry. However, at present, most of the Indian drug firms, due to their small size compared to international operators, are not in a position to invest in a viable new drug development programme – drug development being a risky, resource intensive & time consuming process. At the same time several Indian academic institutions and national laboratories have established impressive infrastructure and developed excellent expertise in selected areas of drug development.

India to Lead World in Pharmaceuticals Research & Development by 2020…The Indian Pharma industry is on a good growth path and is likely to be in the top 10 global markets in value term by 2020. Gearing up for the next level of growth’ Indian Pharma industry has been growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 15 per cent over the last five years and has significant growth opportunities. Pharma companies will continue to grow inorganically through alliances and partnerships. They will continue to focus on improving operational efficiency and productivity.

Pharmaceutical Sciences has wide scope in our country India thus has a vast and growing pharmaceutical industry. Increasing number of hospitals, nursing homes and pharmaceuticals companies all over the country is a clear indication of the growing scope in this area. Pharmacy offers reasonably good career opportunities both by way of jobs as well as in terms of starting your own business. Pharmacy education in the country is now reckoned as most crucial for country’s health and as prestigious as any other professional courses can claim for.

The job avenues for a pharmacist are with pharmaceutical industry, government departments, universities, hospitals, investigation and research institutes etc. The pharmaceutical field needs to develop further with more R &’ D activities and more for bulk production of drugs to bring down the cost.

Within the pharmaceutical industry you might be involved in activities relating to the development, formulation, production or marketing of new drugs for clinical use. Drug control administration and armed forces also offer a wide range of opportunities to pharmacists. In government departments, a pharmacist maintains proper records according to various Government acts governing the profession of pharmacy. As a drug inspector or government analyst he has to make sure that the drugs manufactured and sold, are of standard quality Appointments are also available in sale promotion work. There is also an employment opportunity within the food and cosmetic industries or within any other health care industry that requires the assurance that new products are as safe and effective as possible. . Many Pharmacy graduates, post graduates and doctorates are highly placed in the Industry, Government and Professional fields with its growing importance to the Nation’s health.

Research Cell:

Our Institute aims to be an ideal research centre, for which a research cell working under the guidance of the Experienced faculty has been established. Many research projects are scrutinized and started in the institution.

Other activities:

  1. Training and counseling for Final year students to assist them in seeking placements.
  2. Campus interviews of national and multinational reputed companies.
  3. Group discussion, mock interviews to provide necessary exposure for job interviews.
  4. Focus on personality development and HRD.